Late/No-Show Policy

Please remember that when you sign up for a study you are making a commitment to show up for that appointment. Check your schedule and make sure you can commit to the time before you sign up for a study.

Late Policy

In order to participate in a study, subjects must arrive at an appointment on time.

  • If a participant arrives more than 5 minutes after an appointment is scheduled to begin, the researcher is under no obligation to run the study or to award credit.
  • It is at the researcher’s discretion whether they choose to reschedule the appointment with the subject.

In the event that a researcher is more than 10 minutes late or does not show up for a scheduled appointment, the participant is entitled to credit (for the value of credit assigned to the Study).

  • If the researcher is late the participant will receive credit from the experimenter.
  • If the researcher does not show up, the participant should call or email the researcher directly (contact info is found in Sona) to make arrangements to receive their credit.

No-Show Policy

If you become unable to attend your scheduled Sona appointment, you must provide 24 hours notice to the researcher. If you have to cancel, the researcher may be able to reschedule you for another time, if the schedule allows.

  • If the participant fails to appear for a scheduled appointment and contacts the researcher, providing at least 24 hours notice, they will be marked as an “excused no-show”.
  • If the participant fails to appear with less than 24 hours notice they will be marked as an “unexcused no-show”.
  • If the participant accumulates 2 unexcused no-shows within the current quarter, they will be blocked from the system and will not have access to sign up for any additional studies until the next quarter. Participants will need to work directly with their instructor for alternative opportunities to earn the credit.