Creating your Sona Account

  1. Go to the UC San Diego Department of Psychology website.
  2. Go to the UC San Diego Sona site.
  3. You will arrive at the Sona home page, and on this page, click on the option at the lower left that says “New Participant? Request an account here.”
  4. Fill out the account information on that page. You will create your own with your UC San Diego email account. You can add an alternative account when you complete your profile.
  5. The system will generate a temporary password and email it to you. Then go back to the Participant Signup website/screen and login to the system with your user ID and the randomly generated password that was emailed to you.
  6. After you log in you will be taken to a screen where there are sections entitled “Study Sign-Up,” “My Schedule & Credits,” and “My Profile.” In the “My Profile” section, you may click on the option to “change your password”. Following the instructions that appear and record a new password for yourself

Two things to note carefully here:

  • Please be very careful whenever you enter your UC San Diego email address; the most frequent problem students have regarding Sona is that they accidentally give Sona an incorrect email address.
  • As you make your account, be sure to select all of the classes that you are in from the class list. For example, if you are in PSYC 60 and PSYC 101, be sure to select both courses from the list. Sona will allow you to add a class (from the list) to your account profile if there are any changes in the quarter.

All accounts are deactivated on the last day of instruction at the end of every quarter and activated on the first day of instruction in the next quarter. If you leave the university or no longer wish to participate in Sona you can request that your account be deleted by emailing

Congratulations! You have successfully made yourself a Sona account!