Questions! Who do you ask?

Your Instructor

Since you have regular contact with your instructor, you may ask them basic questions about the maximum number of credits you can earn, or alternative options for extra credit if you are not comfortable with research participation through Sona. However, instructors tend to have no contact with the Sona system until the very end of the quarter when they collect the final credit report for grading purposes.

The Researcher

Any questions about the procedures, requirements, or status of a particular study should be addressed to the researcher in charge of that study. This includes questions related to timeslot sign-up or cancellations, and to any questions related to crediting decisions made by the researcher. If you missed your appointment or had difficulty with an online survey contact the Researcher listed in the study information immediately.

Sona Support

Any questions pertaining to the Sona system generally should be addressed by email to the system administrator at Questions the administrator is most used to receiving involve things like difficulty accessing an account, or why a class or a study that SHOULD be available or visible within Sona appears not to be available or visible.