Study Sign-Up and Cancelling Appointments

Once you are logged in to the system, to find out what studies are available, go to the “Study Sign-Up” section.

  • Studies may vary in their availability across the quarter.  Some are available in week 1 and remain available through week 10, but others may appear in week 5 and are only available through week 8. Check Sona regularly to see what studies have become available.
  • Don’t wait until the last weeks of the quarter to sign up for studies! You may find that no studies are available.
  • All studies will require that you sign up for a timeslot. Most studies will take place in a lab. Some studies are online. For online studies, the Researcher will contact you by email with the link for the survey.

All Researchers will list the elibility criteria to participate in the study. Location information and/or specific instructions on how to prepare for the study will be in the description section of the study details. Read this information carefully. If you have any questions as to what a study requires, you must contact the researcher directly for clarification.

If, for any reason, you are unable to attend the study you signed up for:

  • Immediately return to your Sona account, and under the “My Schedule” tab, you should attempt to cancel your timeslot appointment.
  • Most studies have a deadline, such as 24 hours prior to the time the timeslot is to occur, by which students are able to drop from a study. If that deadline, or indeed the timeslot itself, has already passed, your participation for that study will be credited as “unexcused no-show.”
  • If you believe that your participation should instead be recorded as “excused no-show,” you should contact the researcher directly and explain to them why you believe this to be the case.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have accumulated TWO unexcused no-shows during one quarter, you will be limited in the studies available to you through Sona. Your account may remain active, but no studies will appear to be available. If this happens to you, you will need to ask your instructor if you have any other research participation options at that point.

If you successfully complete a study that you have signed up for in Sona, then the researcher will alter your timeslot status to read, “Credit granted”. If you have any questions at all about how your participation has been credited within Sona, please direct those questions to the researcher in charge of the study.