* It is the student's responsibility to assign their Sona credits correctly by the deadline. *

Managing Credits

Sona allows you to manage your credit and account information and redistribute credit across your courses if you so desire.  

  • Sona will allow you to add a class to your account profile, if you add that course later in the quarter. 
  • Sona is not connected to Tritonlink and will not allow you to drop a class from your Sona account. Because of this, if you drop a class Sona will misreport your total participation requirement (i.e., it will still include the participation requirement for the class you've now dropped).
  • Sona will let you redirect credit you'd assigned to the dropped class to another course in which you remain enrolled.

For instance, you have earned 6 credits and have allocated 2 credits to PSYC 60 and 4 credits to PSYC 101. Later you realize you need 3 credits for PSYC 60.  You can go into your account and re-allocate your credit so that you have 3 towards PSYC 60 and 3 towards PSYC 101 to better satisfy your course Sona requirements.  

Assigning Credits

You, the student, are responsible for assigning your Sona credits to the correct course(s) before the posted deadline. The department deadline is 4pm Wednesday of Week 10 each quarter. If you do not assign your Sona credits correctly, you may not be able to use them for your course(s). You will need to contact the instructor of the course and ask their permission to still use the Sona credits.

  • You may not split a Sona credit between 2 courses. For example, assigning 1 credit of a 2-credit Sona study to one course, and the other credit from that study to a different course.
  • Sona credits do NOT rollover. All Sona credits must be assigned in the quarter you earn the credit.