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Financial Support Payment Breakdown 

First Year with 1 TAship

Monthly Total
Stipend (Sept) $2,000

1 qtr of TA (Fall or Winter)

$3,236 $9,708

2 qtrs of Stipend

$3,382 $20,292

Year Total


Second - Fourth Year with 2 TAships


Stipend (Sept or Equal Quarterly Distributions)


2 qtrs of TA

Varies by experience

1 qtr of AIL

Varies by experience 

Fifth Year with 3 TAships


Stipend (Sept or Equal Quarterly Distributions)


3 qtrs of TA

Varies by experience
  • All amounts are shown pre-tax.
  • No guaranteed financial support after Fifth Year (TAships may be assigned based on availability; no longer eligible for AIL or department stipends)
  • Students must be able to complete their AIL or TA duties in person, otherwise are ineligible to be employed as an AIL or TA for the department.

Note: You can view pay stubs and W-2's for your TA Salary on the UCPath website. Total support per graduate student will vary based on UCSD pay rates, with graduate students receiving higher pay as they gain more experience. The total amount of support will not change but the specific amounts per support type are subject to change in response to evolving campus funding policies and ongoing contract negotiations.

Other Financial Dept Payments

1. Quarterly Stipends

(processed at the end of a quarter)

2. Quarterly Tuition/Fees

UCSD/Department pays for graduate student when employed as a TA, AIL, AI, or GSR at 25% or more.
For more information: UCSD Graduate Division Tuition/Fees for Academic Student Employees (ASE)
*One time UCSD fees are always the student's responsibility: advancement to candidacy fee, filing fee in lieu of registration, late enrollment/registration fines, etc.

3. Non-resident Student Tuition (NRST)

NRST is covered by UCSD or the department under these circumstances:

  • All non-resident first year students (Those who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are required to become California residents prior to the start of their second year. For more information: Residency Requirements) 
  • NRST is convered for international students through year 3. Students are expected to advance to candidacy by the end of their third year. Following advancement, Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition is waived by UCSD for the subsequent three consecutive years of enrollment.