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Office Hours and Student Advising

Student Office Hours

Faculty should establish student office hours by the end of the first week of classes, and should notify the Student Services office of the times scheduled. This time is made available specifically for students to visit with Faculty for a variety of reasons. A minimum of two hours/week is required, divided over at least two days, and at different times of day if all scheduled hours are M/W/F or Tu/Th. We recommend keeping in mind the typically scheduled class times when creating office hours for all members of the teaching team. We recommend having sets of office hours at different times or straddling the standard teaching times, so students are not precluded from attending office hours by virtue of their remaining class schedule.  

Faculty relieved of teaching duties in a given quarter are still required to hold student office hours by appointment. Faculty on sabbatical leave (except sabbatical in residence) or on leave of absence need not schedule regular office hours.  All undergraduate students are entitled to advising not only on particular course work but also regarding their curriculum and future plans, e.g., graduate school.

Visiting Lecturer Office

Lecturers are typically housed in McGill Hall rooms 2109, 2113 and 2117. The Student Affairs Manager will furnish you with your office assignment. Coordinate your office hours with the other lecturers sharing the office.