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Course Scheduling

General Timeline for Scheduling Process

Course scheduling is coordinated by the Student Affairs Office. Teaching time preferences are then proposed to the campus scheduling office which oversees scheduling requests for the entire campus.

Request for Fall teaching times sent out January.
Request for Winter teaching times sent out June.
Request for Spring teaching times sent out August.
Call for Summer proposals sent out October.

If you need to make changes to your teaching plans or if your availability changes for an upcoming quarter, please be sure to contact the Student Affairs Manager.

Quarterly Teaching Request

Quarterly course scheduling is coordinated by Melissa Olmeda.

A number of factors must be accounted for when planning the department's course schedules (classroom availability, faculty availability, balance in our courses spread across days/times and research areas, and conflicts with department colloquia or meetings).

Priority is given to ladder-rank faculty who submit times by the deadlines. While we try to give priority to ladder-rank faculty submitting requests to our office, that doesn't give us priority with the campus scheduling office.

The proposed schedule is reviewed by the Student Affairs Manager, Department Manager, and Department Chair for approval before it is submitted to the campus scheduling office for further processing.

Unplaced courses can occur when there are too many requests from multiple departments for the same time and room capacity. Instructors are immediately contacted by the Student Affairs office to find alternate teaching times.

A last look confirmation email is sent to instructors verifying their teaching schedule before course information goes live on TritonLink.

Course final exam schedules are emailed to instructors during week 10 of the quarter.

Yearly Teaching Plans

Yearly teaching plans are coordinated by the Student Affairs Manager. Preferences are solicited during Fall quarter for the following academic year. Sabbatical/leave requests should also be submitted during this time.

A course approval must be processed for faculty who are proposing new courses or changes to existing courses. Please also submit these details to the Student Affairs Manager. Course approvals may take several months to be processed, so it is important to coordinate this in advance.