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Class Rosters/Lists

Blink has an online system that will enable you to review a class list of students enrolled, students' pictures, email addresses, and academic status. Please contact the SSCF-South Services office for your user ID and password.

Note: Class lists will be provided to Lecturers and Associate-Ins without Single Sign-On access. The Student Affairs staff will continue to provide class lists at the beginning of the quarter. For updated class lists throughout the quarter, contact the Student Affairs staff. TAs should contact the instructor for copies of class lists. Rosters are also available to all instructors through Canvas.

Below you will find steps for downloading or printing a class list from the Instructional Tools on Blink. The Psychology Student Affairs staff is available for one-on-one training or assistance to help you become familiar with this process.

You will need to have Single Sign-On access in order to complete this request. Contact us at if you don't currently have a login.

Steps to download a Class List

  1. On Blink, go to the Instruction Tools tab located on the top navigation bar or in the Toolbox.
  2. Select Class Lists.
  3. You will be prompted to log-in through Single Sign-On.
  4. Input your course number.  
  5. Under Options select "Download" for Class List. Please note there is a column for class list and another one for wait list. Make sure you select the correct option.
  6. The next screen will have several downloadable options. Use the default selection which is "Standard".
  7. Under "File type" select either PC-File or Mac_File. Submit Download.
  8. The class list will be downloaded as a rich-text file. Copy and paste all the information in to an EXCEL spreadsheet. If your setting are different the document might automatically download as an EXCEL spreadsheet.

You can now sort the information to better fit your needs, or delete columns and information that you don't need.

Steps to print a Class List

You also have the option of ONLY printing out your class list. Follow steps 1-4 from above. Then under Options select "Print Class Roster" for Class List and then click on the "Select Section" button right below. Please note there is a column for class list and another one for wait list. Make sure you select the correct option. On the next page there will be a link to print your class list. The list will be downloaded to your computer as a pdf document. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this information.

Class Enrollment

Class enrollment limits are set during the scheduling of courses. Please contact the student affairs office if you would like to change your enrollment for an upcoming quarter.

Concurrent Enrollment

Prospective studens who are not enrolled UC San Diego students may enroll in regular UC San Diego courses on a space available basis through "concurrent enrollment." Such people are commonly known as "extension students" because they pay fees to Extended Studies & Public Service (ESPS) instead of to UCSD. Instructors will receive separate rosters and grade sheets for these students. Names of students enrolled through concurrent enrollment will not appear on the regular class rosters, but should appear in eGrades. Extension students are allowed to enroll as 199s with special permission from ESPS and the department.