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General Grading Policy

Academic Senate Grading Policy

Responsibilities of the Instructor

The instructor of record is solely responsible for the grades assigned. To avoid misunderstandings, the instructor should set forth his or her grading policy clearly at the beginning of each quarter, as well as the position taken on such requirements as examinations, reports and papers, make-ups, due dates, and which forms of aid and collaboration on assignments are authorized for the course.

Criteria for Grade Assignment

  • All students must be graded on the same basis
  • No extra work is possible for salvaging a failing grade
  • No extra time can be given beyond the final exam
  • Incomplete can be given only for health/family/emergencies and only if the student's work up to that point is of passing quality.

Electronic Grade Submission

eGrades is a secure web-based application that allows instructors to submit or change final grades for the students in their courses. Read for more information.

Integrity of Scholarship

  • Instructors must report any and all occurrences of suspected academic dishonesty to the Academic Integrity Office.
  • When there is a pending charge of academic dishonesty, an "X" grade should be entered for the student in eGrades. 
  • A change of grade should be entered for the student when the issue is resolved.
  • Suggestions for prevention

Returning Exams and Posting of Grades

The department has established an "Exam Collection Room",1503 Mandler Hall. Each course has a drawer in a filing cabinet (for one quarter after final). Your students must waive their privacy rights in order to store the exams in that location.

Posting of grades must be anonymous (perhaps by a 3-digit code assigned to each student in the class). Read for further information. Your students must waive their privacy rights in order to have their grades posted.

Here is a sample of an acceptable waiver to be handed out together with exams:

Print your name (last, first):
Student ID#:
Psychology Course #:
Midterm/Final Exam
WAIVER: By signing your name below, you waive your right to privacy. If you waive your right, your exam scores will be posted by identification number.

If you choose not to waive your right to privacy, your scores will not be posted. Your scores and tests will be available only through Dr. . . . . . at the regular scheduled office hours.

I AGREE TO WAIVE MY RIGHT TO PRIVACY: _____________________________