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Room Reservations

Room Calendars

Policies and Procedures

  • Please submit all room requests to:
  • All reservations must be made through email to confirm room availability. The calendar details are updated on a regular basis, but your reservation is not official until you receive email confirmation.
  • Rooms are reserved on a first come, first served basis with priority given to the primary usage of each room.
  • If schedule permits, other activities besides the primary uses listed below (such as research or running subjects) can be arranged for on specific dates and times, but primary designation of each room will have scheduling priority. We make every attempt to maintain reservations of these alternate activities, however, occasionally we may need to reschedule the lower priority event to allow for a primary activity.

Rooms for Undergraduate Instruction

McGill 1350 (capacity 68)

  • Instruction for podcasting in 1350:

    1.     Sign up for podcasting your course here:

    2.     Connect the HDMI cable (nearest to TV) that’s connected to the wall to your device.

    3.     Change the TV input to HDMI 1 to project your device.

  • Make sure the HDMI cable used for podcasting is connected to the wall port closest to the TV. If the HDMI cable is connected directly to the TV the recorder will not be able to record your screen.  
  • To report an issue please submit a request to

Mandler 1539 (capacity 35)

  • Undergraduate and graduate instruction (seminars, discussions, and special projects necessary and associated with class work)
  • Qualifying exams and dissertations
  • OSD exam administration
  • Important: Undergraduate courses may only be scheduled in Mandler 1539 and McGill 1350. It is not allowable to use any other departmental space for undergraduate courses.

Room for Additional Undergraduate Use

McGill 1507 (capacity 10)

  • Used from 8 am - 3 pm M-F for TA/UGIA Office Hours/Student Affairs
  • Limited availability from 8 am - 8 pm M-F for Psi Chi Office Hours
  • Available from 3 pm - 8 pm M-F as Undergraduate Lounge

Rooms for Graduate Instruction and Research Presentations

CRICK Conference Room - Mandler 3545 (capacity 71)

ANDERSON Conference Room and Atrium - McGill 5326 (capacity 23)

McGill 5235A (capacity 18)

McGill 5240 (capacity 15)

  • Graduate courses, faculty and graduate recruitment activity, department colloquia
  • Lab meetings, brown bag events, and administrative meetings
  • BLACKOUT TIMES - CRICK: Wednesdays 11:45am - 2pm, Tuesdays 4 - 6pm (Winter), Thursdays 10:45am - 12:30pm
  • BLACKOUT TIME - ANDERSON: Thursdays 11:30am-2:00pm

Lactation Room