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Copying Resources and Policy


A unique project-task number, 1023737-2, is for copying course materials such as syllabi and examinations. This project-task number is not to be used to produce course readings. These are produced in conjunction with the UCSD Bookstore's MyReader Service or at other duplicating agencies. Students pay for this reading material as they would for a textbook.

Psychology 194 Undergraduate Honors Students

Department funds (including course index numbers) are not to be used to copy material for Honors projects. This is a student's responsibility unless a faculty member authorizes use of grant funds. To ensure that faculty members' funds are not misused, undergraduates cannot use the department green copy cards. Copier cards valid to specific index numbers can be ordered by labs from the front desk manager (5217 McGill).

Psychology 99 & 199 Undergraduate Students

Copying for 99s and 199s is charged to faculty grants. For faculty members without grant funds, copying is charged to their department support index numbers.

Faculty Research and Other Material

Use your individual department index number to copy committee work, recommendation letters and for other administrative business. Research sponsored by faculty members should be charged to the individual faculty members' grants, only with their permission. Ask John Fitzgerald (5217 McGill) to have project-tasks encoded to your campus photo ID card, or use the Department cards kept in the main office at the front desk (5217 McGill).

Other Graduate Copying

Graduate students can also use their McGill start-up project-task number to make copies. This number is encoded on the campus photo ID cards to be swiped through the readers on the Department's copy machine. Please see the graduate coordinator for this index number. Personal copying includes materials like a qualifying ppwe or research not sponsored by faculty members. These are never charged to department budgets, including 1023737-2.

Copying Resources

Department Copy Machine

Your UCSD ID cards, and the two green department copy cards in the main office, can be used with the department copy machine on the fifth floor of McGill Hall. Request project-task numbers to be added to your ID card from Hana Haddad (or by the graduate coordinator if you are a graduate student). The copier is activated when you swipe your ID or department card through the reader and enter a valid code. Costs are recharged automatically.

Electronic course, digital images & audio images

The UC San Diego Libraries offer online publishing of text materials, audio and graphic files at no cost at the library website.


The UCSD Bookstore offers reader creation service (including obtaining copyright permission). Work directly with the Bookstore for this service. 


Imprints is the UC San Diego print resource center. For syllabi, midterms, final exams, and/or large size posters, this is a cost effective, labor saving copy resource; collating, interleaving, stapling, and delivery of work are free. Find out more information about all Imprints locations and services.

Print Connection is the Imprints on-line ordering system. This is the campus web-based print submission system where you manage all your copying needs from your computer. Find out more information. If you need help registering, ask Student Affairs staff for assistance.